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 All Lawn Care Services Are NOT The Same….

“The 5 Crazy Things Landscapers Do That Drives Everyone Crazy…

And How C.E. Landscaping & Lawn Service Solves This Insanity”

What Every Home Owner Should Know Before They Call Any Landscaper

Chris and Esther: C.E. Landscaping & Lawn Service

1. Telemarketing: There’s nothing worse than having your family dinner interrupted by an unwelcome pest telling you he’s going to be in your neighborhood and has a “special deal”. We don’t telemarket! Our clients call us when they’re ready to improve their lawns.

2. Bait & Switch: So many lawn care companies advertise super-low prices hoping you call them for service – that’s the bait! Once they arrive, well they switch! At C.E. Landscaping & Lawn Service we offer our FREE estimate and a hand written quote.

3. Unsupported Claims: “We provide the best service. You’ll read this in almost every ad from lawn service. Check your lawn warranty, get testimonials and identify your objectives. C.E. Landscaping & Lawn Service uses the latest state of the art technology that lawn care recommends.

4. Worthless Guarantees: Satisfaction guaranteed! Satisfaction guaranteed! You hear this all the time. If it was guaranteed then why are there so many horror stories out there? At C.E. Landscaping & Lawn Service we offer The Most  Thorough lawn services You’ve Ever Seen Or It’s FREE! We stand behind every job with our 100% Iron- Clad No-Risk Guarantee, nothing is more important than your total satisfaction!

5. Wasted Time: Ever had to wait all day for a service company? Like your time is not valuable? At C.E. Landscaping & Lawn Service we offer 1 hour time frames for appointments, no waiting all day, allowing you to schedule your day around us.


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